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thai ingredients thai taste thai food ingredients

List of Popular Thai Ingredients

Bamboo Shoots (Naw Mai) - Tender Shoots of the Bamboo Plant

Thai Basil

Basil (Kra Prou) - Holy Basil, Hot Spicy Flavour - Thai Basil, Small Leaves, Purple Stem, Aniseed Flavour

Thai Chili

Chillies (Prik) - Most commonly used are the Red/Green Bird’s Eye Chillies  (Thai Chilies)

Coconut Cream (Hua Ka-Thi) - First pressing of the Coconut Flesh

Coriander (Phak Chi) - Fresh Leaves of Coriander Plant, Pungent Flavour

Cumin Seeds (Met Yiiraa) - Elongated Ridged Seeds, Peppery Bitter Flavour

Fish Sauce (Naam Plaa) - Pulverised Salted & Fermented Fish (Anchovies)

Galangal (Khaa) - A Rhizome similar to ginger


Garlic (Kra-Tiam) - Strong Smelling, Pungent Tasting Bulb


Ginger (Khing) - Thick Gnarled Root of a Tropical Plant

Kachai (Gieng Rung) - A Rhizome Fermented in Brine

Kaffir Lime Leaf (Bai Makrut) - Used to Season, Soups, Salads & Curries


Lemongrass (Ta-Khrai) - Fibrous Stalk of a Citrus Perfumed Grass


Limes (Ma-Nao) - Used as a Souring Agent

Mangoes (Ma-Muang) - Green for Salads or Eaten Fresh, Yellow for Desserts

Mint (Sa-Ra-Nae) - Used in Salads and Desserts

Mung Beans (Thua Leuang) - Bean Sprouts, Salads or Stir Fries, Noodle Dishes

Mushrooms (Het) - Most Commonly Used are the Straw Mushrooms

Noodles (Kuaytiaw) - Steamed Rice Flour and Water

Oyster Sauce (Num Man Hoy) - Made from Oysters, Salt, Soy Sauce and Starch

Palm Sugar (Naamtaan Piip) - Boiled Sugar Palm Sap

Rice (Khao) - Jasmine, Long Grained White Rice. Sticky, Short Fat & Chalky White. Black, Medium Grained Unmilled, Wild Rice

Shrimp Paste (Kapi) - Fermented Ground Shrimp Mixed with Salt

Soy Sauce (Sii-Yu) - Fermented Soy Beans


Tamarind (Ma-Khaam) - Hairy Pods of Tamarind Tree, Sweet Sour Flavour


Turmeric (Kha-Min) - A Rhizome like Ginger & Galangal

Vinegar (Naam Som) - Sour Liquid obtained from Wine Cider or Fermented Rice

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